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Help sell this life-changing product line and I'll split the profit with you ! Automatically get half of all ebook sales, 30% of DVD sales, and 25% of paperback sales. If the customer continues to buy OTHER products listed (like Prosperity Secret, Free Food and Medicine, Heal your Face, etc. from the site), you also get a share of that too! (Platinum set not included in affiliate program.)  My shopping cart keeps track of the sales, and then I pay you monthly. The more you advertise or blog about my products, the more $$$ you can make. There are no products to ship, and nothing else to do. My fulfillment house will ship everything for you. Customers buy stuff; you make money while you're sleeping. Just be sure you use the link-code my website gives you, then test it to make sure it goes to  Also, make sure your browser has COOKIES enabled. (It's needed to track your orders.)
All payments are made via Paypal. The company makes one mass payment per month. Affiliates cannot buy product themselves at half off.  Of course no one is allowed to buy the e-book and then re-sell copies of it. That's a no-no.